Pakistani investigators would reach India to probe Mumbai attacks


Karachi- Interior Ministry sources on condition of anonymity told that Federal Interior Ministry have concluded that available investigation report given by Indian government has insufficient investigation stuff. Source added that a thorough study of Indian commission report regarding the Mumbai attacks that took place on November 26, is underway and it will be completed in near future and later it will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign with the approval of President of Pakistan and Prime Minister. The facts revealed during the study by Pakistani experts will be shared with the Indian government, source said. He further added that due to the insufficiency of the Indian report, the Pakistani Interior Ministry has proposed to send an investigation team to India for the evidence collection. Source added that concerned authorities of Interior Ministry would place the proposal before the President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani for approval ahead of the sending an investigation team to India. The proposal will be sent to the Indian Government after the approval by the Government of Pakistan. It is pertinent to mention here that Government of India accused Pakistan for the blast, though Pakistan had categorically declined the Pakistan’s affiliation behind the blast by any means and offered joint investigation to probe the incident, whereas the proposal is yet to be finalized. A positive breakthrough between the both countries seems to be established as Indian government had sent the investigation report to government of Pakistan and tried to convince or prove the alleged involvement of Pakistan. Thereafter, a review of report revealed lack of information and Pakistan would try to send the investigation experts to India in order to get the complete facts.