Hazara Province included in Pakistan’s map


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  1. geay Hazara
    Sooba Hazara

  2. Long time lurker, thought I would say hello! I really dont post much but thanks for the good times I have here. Love this place..

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  3. Hazara Huq hei hazara walooo ka !!!!!

    Quetta mei in par fired karna ghalat tha.

    Pukhtoon in se tezarat mei badla larahei hei. (Ghalat)

    Allah in logoo ko en ki manzil pochahaaa….

  4. Hazara Soba is the right of the people of the Hazara. The first option of the people of Hazara should be to get their separate province and second option should be to make amalgamation with the Punjab. Because Hazara and all other Gujri and Hinko speaking areas are integral parts of Punjab. People of Dera Ismael Khan already wants to make their division Part of Punjab, where 75% people speak Saraiki (Multani Punjabi). HInko and Gujri and all other such languages are dialects of Punjabi and people who speak these languages are more resemble with people of punjab in traditions cultures and thoughts and reserve more respect among Punjabi people. While Pashtunes reserve the biased thoughts aganist all type of Punjabis including Punjabis of Lahore belt (Majhi Punjabi People), Punjabis of Rawalpindi belt (Pothowari Punjabis), Punjabis of Sargodha Belt (Shahpuri Punjabis), Punjabis of Multan Belt (Saraiki Punjabis), Punjabis of Bahawalpur Belt (Riasti Punjabi) and same Punjabis of Hazara Belt (Hinko Punjabis) and Punjabis of Kohistan Belt (Gujar Punjabi). Dera Imael Khan should be readded in Punjab as it was before 1901 and Hazara should be a separate province because it has much resources to survive as a separate entity, and if creation of Hazara as Provence is impossible (But it is not impossible) then it should be added in Punjab including Dera Imael Khan division. People of Hazara and Dera Ismael khan and all other Punjabi dialect speaking people of N.W.F.P can not gain their proper individual and communal right in the NWFP because pasthune always hate them and biased them considering them Punjabis.


  6. I love Hazara Province very much,

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