Hazara people protest in Karachi, vowed to get own province


h April, 2010

KARACHI: Karachi based Hazara organizations and parties take out rallies and held demonstrations at three different parts in the city on Tuesday. Hundreds of Hazarawall resides in Karachi assembled at Regal Chowk, Karachi Press Club (KPC) Kalla Pull, and at Hub River Road, protested, demonstrated and condemned the brutal killing of at least eight people and injuring of more than 100 protesters in Abbottabad incident.
Their first gathering organized by Hazara Province Movement (HPM) was held at Regal Chowk in Saddar where they offered funeral prayer in absentia for the departed soul of those killed in Abbottabad.
After offering funeral prayer in absentia for the martyrs of Abbottabad the participants of the rally march on the main roads in Saddar and went towards at KPC, where they  demonstrated against the renaming of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa and for the rights and identification of Hazara community.
On that occasion, convener Hazara Province Movement (HPM) Sardar Iqbal addressed the gathering vowed that blood which is flowing intensifying the movement will not be wasted and entire Hazarawall community has been united for the safety of their rights and getting Hazara province.
He said that movement will be continued till the achievement of Hazara province and no one can stop us to save the rights of Hazarawall, which were neglected past several decades.
Sardar Iqbal demanded that DIG and DCO Abbottabad, who were the responsible of open the fire on innocent protesters causing eight people killed they immediately terminated and FIR should be registered against them, he said.
He said that Hazarawall are pure Pakistani but it is ANP Government which is pushing them on to the wall. He warned ANP Government to stop atrocities otherwise when we react they can not survive.
PML (Q) Sindh president Haleem Adil Sheikh also addressed the protesters and assured them PML (Q) would stand with them in the struggle of the rights of Hazara people.  
The protesters also sit in at KPC and chanted slogans that “ Aik he nara – Suba Hazara” and “ Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa “ is not accepted to Hazarawall. They were waving the red and green color flags of Hazara province.    
Later, they went at Kala Pull, where Hazara Youth movement also organized offering prayer in absentia for the killing persons in Abbottabad. The protesters later marched towards at Korangi Road, protested and demonstrated against the atrocities committed by the ANP government in Abbottabad. They blocked the traffic movement at Korangi Road for more than half an hour. It may be noted that the Korangi industrial is the biggest industrial zone in the city. Later on the protesters disperse peacefully. Another protest was also observed in Baldila Town at Hub River Road.


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