Nawaz out on damage control endeavour

HARIPUR: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has blamed Q-League for Hazara unrest and said they are doing politics of dead bodies.

He, with other leaders of his party reached in the restive region to take the people into confidence.

Talking to media, on Wednesday, he said that since day one PML-N was of the view that the 17th amendment should not be attached with any other issue.

He blamed PML-Q for taking political benefits out of the current volatile situation and added that nobody would be allowed to become ‘chaudhry’ of Hazara.

I was blamed for changing stance over a phone call but the time has proved that I was right for insisting on to take all stakeholders on board.

He maintained that he has close relations with the people of Hazara, adding that PML-N has not deceived anyone.

He rubbished the allegations that his party took a u-turn over the NWFP renaming issue. He called for the accountability of those who stoked the situation, and urged the Federal government to take immediate notice of the issue.


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