Hazara will become another Bronai, Sardar Yousuf


KARACHI- Hazara Province Movement (HPM) central leader and former MNA and Nazim Mahsehra Sardar Muhammad Yousuf said that the entire population of Hazara including those big political personalities belonging either PML (N), PML (Q), PPP or any other party have united under one umbrella to get their own province and there is no difference of opinion in this regard.

Sardar Yousuf, on Sunday was addressing a big gathering at Quaidabad, said that parliament did not show its due role describing the serious concern of Hazarawall population on the disputed new name of defunct NWFP as they approved the new name for the province through 18th amendment.

He said that Hazara’s people have the democratic, constitutional and political right to establish its own Hazara province. Activists of HPM are the heirs of those who had rendered their lives in the struggle for Pakistan, made successful the referendum before the partition and punctured the movement of anti Pakistan elements.

He strongly contradicted the notion emerging these days what happened in Hazara is the fight and tussle in between PML (N) and PML (Q).

He loudly announced that it is the movement of rights and identification launched by Hazarawalls to the platform of HPM, under the leadership of Baba Haider Zaman.    

He said that the establishment of the province is the voice of Hazarawalls and due to which each and every politician of this region belonging to any party compelled to raise the voice in the support of their nation because they know that if they tow their party lines they can not do politics in future in this region.

Sardar Yousuf said that it is our fight and from youth to elders and women to children each and every Hazarawall is involved in this fighting to get their own province.

He said that Hazarawalls can not forget the sacrifices of people who rendered their lives in the struggle of their goal at Abbottabad.
He observed that Hazara region can become another Brunei, if provincial status given it keeping in views its natural resources, he said.

Sardar Yousuf also informed the gathering he had met to the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) leaders and discussed the issue of the province. Without going in the details of the meeting Sardar Yousuf paid thank to MQM and PML (Q) for their support to Hazara Province Movement.

Leader of Hazara Province Movement Karachi chapter Sardar Iqbal, Spokesman Hazara Youth League Karachi Naeem Ashraf, Sarwar Khan Tanoli, Liaquat Butt, Joint Secretary PML (Q) Sindh S. Anwar Shah Kashmiri and others were also present on the occasion.


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