Hazarawall made up mind province is only solution of their miseries, Naeem Ashraf

KARACHI: The member of Hazara Province Movement (HPM) Naeem Ashraf said that all Hazarawalls have made up their mind that the their identification and protections of rights can be made possible only when they get their own province and for this cause they are united under the leadership of Baba Haider Zaman to striving their goal on one point agenda.

Naeem Ashraf expressed these views, while talking to The Nation on Saturday.

He is also the spokesman of Hazara Youth League (HYL) Pakistan, which is struggling for the rights of Hazarawalls past twenty two years.

He said that when ANP successful to achieve their target making nincompoop to all big political parties of the country now the entire Hazara nation has realized that despite suffering and facing huge financial losses since the day of the independence 14 August 1947 at the name of the solidarity of the country, neither government nor opposition is sincere to understand the gravity of resentment and  frustration and dissatisfaction prevailing among the Hazara’s population since the new name of Khyber -Pukhtoonkhawa.  

He said that neither arrest, torture, state terrorism nor any other tyrant act can stop our way to reach the destination of Haraza province.

 He made it clear that youth of Hazara has waken up to get their rights and identity which is lying only in the achievement of Hazara province.

Pakistan Muslim League or any its faction have made too much fool to the entire nation of Hazarawalls now the chapter of any type of PML politics has been closed in the Hazara region.

Now all politics in the region will rotate around the goal of Hazara province, those parties would support on our demand we are grateful to them but there is no room for those did not support on our demand of province. Naeem Ashraf categorically said.

He said that PML (N) chief Nawaz Sharif betrayed the confidence of Hazara people and his politics has buried in our region.

There is no need of tear of is working under the guidance of their elders who has given their verdict that only Hazara province is the only solution of the safety and protection of their rights.
He said that movement is continue and we would adopt all democratic ways to get our goal including long march, hunger strike, sit- in, Jail Bharo tehreak etc.
Naeem Ashraf who is also the spokesman of HYL Pakistan said that now our all preparation would be only for getting our own province for Hazarawalls.
He said that people of the country are innocence and unaware some ground realties about the Hazara and its population who always rendered its interest and benefits at the name of Pakistan and put always their weight in favor of PML to counter politics of those parties who did not digest the creation of Pakistan since day one and working for Pukhtoonkhawa.

He said that it was the resources of Hazara region which runs all the affairs of this province as royalty of three dams including Tarbela Dam, Khanpur Dam is play major role in the earnings of the province, mentioning that Tarbela Dam producing 3200 MW power. 
He further said that 19 percent Forest of the country is situated in Hazara Division. Ninety percent Tobacco, 70 percent tea of the country are being cultivated in Hazara region.

Tourism, Hattar Industrial State, Minerals, Furniture  wood, hotel industry and several other resources are provided by Hazara division to defunct NWFP but at the end of the day the population of this region left empty handed and now their identity has been snatched, Naeem Ashraf said, added that there was no other option to Hazarawalls to launch the movement for the protection of the rights and identity.


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