Tehreek-e-Hazara displays signboards ‘Welcome Hazara Province at Hazara Borders

TARBELA GHAZI – Hazara Action Committee on Sunday displayed the signboards of “Welcome Hazara Province” on Punjab-Hazara borders at Ghazi-Tarbela and Tareen Abad, Haripur and also have also threatened the government that if they would not change the status of Hazara at separate province then the electricity from Tarbela Dam will be cut off.

On the occasion, Chairman Tehreek-e-Hazara Province (THP) Baba Haider Zaman while addressing a big rally said that the government, which does not care about or respect the wishes of the people cannot last for a long time and has no right to rule.

The rally was participated by dozens of leaders belonging to various political parties. Haider Zaman said that Hazarities, unlike ANP, wanted their separate province on the administrative basis and not on the basis of language so that people might be able to get relief. Baba Haider Zaman asked if Kala Bagh Dam was controversial, changing name of NWFP was also controversial and if name could be changed why Kala Bagh Dam could not be constructed.

Zaman said that the procession was to mobilise people and create awareness among them regarding the Hazara province. He said after the generation of awareness and mobilization of people he along with hundreds and thousands of people would march towards Islamabad and then the government would have no other option than announcing Hazara as province. However, he said it would be better option for the government to realise the demand of people of Hazara and establish Hazara before the people came out of their houses and march on Islamabad.

Former Speaker National Assembly Gohar Ayub Khan, former Deputy Speaker National Assembly Sardar Yaqoob, former federal Minister Aman ullah Khan Jadoon, former State Minister Omer Ayub Khan, Yousuf Ayub Khan, MPA Qalandar Lodhi, Zargul, former MPA Faisal Zaman, Nisar Safdar, Ghulam Nabi Advocate, Azhar Jadoon, Qazi Azhar, Haji Khushi Muhammad Awan, Firdoss Khan, Iqbal Tariq Advocate, Dr Afzal, Dr Fida, Naseer Jadoon, Junaid Qasim, Akhtar Nawaz, Raja Kamran, Gulzar Abbasi and many others strictly criticized MPL-N and termed it “Nehru League” and follower of Gandhi.

They said that in 1947 people of Hazara casted vote in the favour of Pakistan in referendum whereas ANP opposed to be inducted Hazara in Pakistan. They said that PML-N for the sake of 3rd time premiership for Nawaz Sharif, stood with the ANP for the change of the name of NWFP as Khyber Pakhtunkhawa.

They said that Nawaz Sharif was elected twice from Hazara despite being an outsider but he stabbed in the back of Hazaraties. They said that due to the selfish action of Nawaz Sharif, people of Hazara disinherited him and “now he even cannot come to Hazara.” They said that people of Hazara always scarified for the interests of the country and two big dams Tarbela Dam and Ghazi Barotha Project were constructed in Hazara but constantly people of Hazara were being ignored. They said that 18th Amendment benefited only three persons President Zardari, Asfandyar Wali and Nawaz Sharif whereas there was nothing for the common people in that amendment. Baba Haider Zaman said that Hazara province was a dream of the people of Hazara, which was about to be realized very soon.


Time to launch ‘decisive offensive’: Baba Haider

ABBOTTABAD – Hazara, once again, remained on virtual halt on Friday on the call of Hazara Movement, as complete shutter down protests followed by enormous public gatherings and rallies were observed across the region.

All the five districts of Hazara Division – Abbottabad, Haripur, Mansehra, Kohistan and Battagram – came to standstill from early morning till evening. From Jharikas, the entry point to Hazara region to Bhasha, Kohistan, the last suburb of Hazara, affairs of life remained dormant.

The central leadership of Tehreek-e-Hazara headed by Sardar Haider Zaman including Sardar Yaqoob, Sardar Shafqat, Sardar Sheraz Afzal, Sardar Saeed, Mushtaq Ghani, Qalandar Lodhi, Qazi Azhar, Azhar Jadoon, Naseer Jadoon and Wasim Jadoon led processions in Abbottabad. Haripur protests were led by Tehreek stalwarts Gohar Ayub Khan, Umer Ayub Khan, Yousuf Ayub Khan and others. Sardar Yousuf, Sardar Shah Jahan Yousuf, Qasim Shah and Shehzada Gustasib were main organisers of the event in Manshera while Khan of Battagram, Fayaz Khan, Prince Nawaz Khan, Khanzada Khan, Zarbuland Khan, Ayaz Khan and Saleem Khan in Battagram and Kohsitan districts arranged protests and rallies.

Quaid-e-Tehreek-e-Hazara Sardar Haider Zaman said that the formation of Hazara province was inevitable and the time to launch “decisive offensive” was heading nearer. He hinted that the Hazara Movement would go for civil obedience and long march if its demand of formation of Hazara province was not met. Among the important events Zaman mentioned was the upcoming public procession at Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi. Haider will leave for Haripur on Saturday evening to address a protest rally after addressing an overwhelming procession at Shuhda-e-Hazara Chowk, Abbottabad.

The traders’ bodies in Hazara completely shut their businesses on Friday and reiterated that they would always show due compliance to the call of Hazara Movement. Sharing views with this scribe, President Abbottabad Traders Union, Sardar Shafqat, said that traders in Hazara were loyal sons of the land and were ready to sacrifice everything in this regard. “We are least bothered about fiscal loss. When it comes to Hazara cause, money, life and property do not matter for us,” he added.

President Abbottabad Mandian Joint Traders Union, Sardar Saeed, said that it was a matter of pride and honour for the traders to close their businesses on the occasion of protests to mark their contributions for Hazara cause.

Hazara Movement’s next step to be civil disobedience, says Zaman

RAWALPINDI: Tehreek-e-Sooba Hazara (TSH) can call for civil disobedience to press the demand for a separate province, TSH leader Baba Haider Zaman said on Monday.

Addressing a function at Rawalpindi Press Club, Zaman said the rulers killed innocent people to sabotage the movement. He said the movement was started two months ago but the government had yet to give any positive response. “Now our next step will be civil disobedience. No resident of Hazara will pay tax, electricity or gas bill, as they know better that their money was being wasted by the rulers” he added.

Baba claimed that Interior Minister Rehman Malik phoned him and told him that the issue would be resolved soon but he (Zaman) told him to convince President Asif Zardari for the new province before holding further talks.

Baba Haider Zaman also announced to hold a huge public gathering in Rawalpindi which would be held at Liaquat Bagh on June10, 2010 to convince the people of the twin cities to participate in the movement for a separate province.

He said the Liaquat Bagh gathering would be the last ‘peaceful’ struggle for the creation of Hazar province. After that, he warned, they would resort to civil disobedience across Hazara division in case the government failed to meet their demand.

“We will never move back from our demand and will continue our movement till the formation of Hazara province. After June 11, we have the right to resort to civil disobedience,” Baba said.

Speaking on the occasion, former foreign minister Gohar Ayub said Hazara was full of natural recourses, which could put Pakistan on the way to prosperity and development. Haraza Division could not only produce 16,000 Megawatts of electricity but also provide it to the countrymen on cheaper rates by completing the Ghazi Barotha Dam and Khanpur Dam, he added.

Former Nazim Haripur Yousuf Ayub Khan, TSH leader Wali Muhamamd Jadoon, PML-Q MNA Sardar Shahjahan Yousuf, Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Hazara Ameer Abdul Razzaq Abbasi, Former Federal Minister Syed Qasim Shah and JI city office bearers were also spoke on the occasion. While hundreds of people of Hazara attended the convention, they were carrying banners and chanting slogans in favour of Hazara province.

Hazara people little interested in KP, Punjab uplift promises

The Nation Story By Maqbool Malik

ISLAMABAD – The proposed multibillion special development package promised by the provincial governments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab to appease the people of Hazara region has failed to take off, sources said on Monday.

“There are no signs that the leadership of the ANP and PML-N would fulfil its commitment of a joint multi-billion special development package during the upcoming budget”, a disgruntled PML-N MP from Hazara told TheNation. He said the leadership of the two parties was shying away from unveiling the programme that was supposed to be of Rs50 billion to win hearts and minds of the people of Hazara.

“They had played their cards well to pacify the agitating people of Hazara over renaming NWFP as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa”, sources said, adding both the parties have been successful in hoodwinking the people for a while but they would lose politically in the due course of time.
Sources were of the view that had these political parties been serious they would have by now unveiled the plan. However, supporters of the Hazara Province Movement say they knew from the beginning that none of the major political parties including PPP, ANP and PML-N who had supported the change of name would ever live up to its promises made with the people of Hazara.

“These political parties have succeeded to some extent in dividing the people of Hazara. But they had lost political support at the gross root level not only in Hazara but also in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa”, a supporter of Tehrik-e-Hazara remarked while requesting not to be named. He said people of Hazara were better organised and would leave no stone unturned towards attaining their goal in getting the Hazara as a separate province.

Participation of Women paves the way toward Hazara Province, says Baba Haider Zaman


HARIPUR- Chief of Tehreek-e-Sooba Hazara (TSH) Baba Haider Zaman said that delay in the formation of Hazara province would increase the problems of current governemt. 

Baba Haider Zaman said this while addressing to a women convention on Saturday at Haripur. Member National Assembly Farzana Mushtaq Ghani, Rubina Shaheen, Asma Naeem, Khadija Bibi, Rayasat Bibi, Shaista Khan, Zaib Gohar Ayub Khan, former district nazim Haripur Yousuf Ayub Khan, former State Minister Umer Ayub Khan and Naseer Khan Jadoon were also present on the occasion.

While paying tribute to those mothers who have been given sacrifices of their sons in Hazara province movement he said that the historic Participation of women in Tehreek-e-Sooba Hazara has paved the way for Hazara Province. Hazara province is the constitutional and democratic right of the people of Hazara, he added.

He said that this is not a real democracy where sprayed bullets on those peaceful people who are rising voice for their rights. Everyone has aware about the role of PML-N that made a deal with Awami National Party (ANP) just for third term of prime ministership.

He said that God has placed the devotion of the formation of Hazara province in the hearts of the people of Hazara including children, elders, youths and women. He has not believed on the false publicity, he added.

Tehreek-e-Sooba Hazara Sindh body announced

ABBOTTABAD- Tehreek-e-Sooba Hazara (TSH) announced the name of Sardar Muhammad Iqbal as Chief Convener of TSH Sindh on Saturday.

As per press release issued by Central Coordinator Mushtaq Ahmed Ghani that Sarder Muhammad Iqbal has selected as Convener for Sindh Provinve, while Khorsheed Hazaravi for Malir district Karachi, Sardar Orangzaib for Karachi West, Sultan Bahadur for Karachi South, Muhammad Nazir for Karachi East and Sahadat Ali Shah was selected for Karachi Central.

Mushtaq Ahmed Ghani stated that these all leaders would lead, organize and result oriented the Tehreek in different part of the city. They also report the central coordinators about their performance to accelerate the Tehreek in respectable way.

Hazarawal observes Chehlum of Abbottabad martyrs at Karachi


KARACHI: Karachi-based Hazarawalls observed Chehlam of Martyrs of Abbottabad incident here in different part of the city on Thursday.

Thereek-e-Hazara Province (THP), Karachi Chapter organised a meeting at Progressive Center in this regard and offered Fateha for the martyrs, while Hazara Qaumi Jirga (HQJ) hold protest demonstration and conducted press conference at Karachi Press Club.

Addressing to the press conference, Chairman Hazara Quami Jirga (HQj) Syed Waqar Hussain Shah charged that ANP has changed the name of the province on linguistic basis and now launched conspiracy for ethnic riots in Karachi city.

Shah said that since the movement of Hazara province ANP started violent activities in various parts of the city. Hazarawal are being threatened to dire consequence if they would not leave the struggle for their province, But he clear cut mentioned that we would not accept any pressure regarding launching the movement for Hazara province, he added.

Shah demanded of the chief justice of Pakistan to take notice of Abbottabad tragedy when innocence Hazarawal were gunned down only to protest for their rights. The people of Abbottabad sacrificed their lives in the movement of Hazara province but so far no action has been taken against those involved, Shah added.

Chairperson of Hazara Front Dr Laila Perveen, Akhtar Nawaz Tanooli and Dilshad Khan Tanooli were also present on the occasion.