HPM Leader Baba Hadier Zaman reaches Karachi on May 9


KARACHI: The aged but determine Baba Haider Zaman, who astonished all the big wigs of political parties since launching Hazara Province Movement, due to his charismatic and dynamic leadership which was earlier unknown to all the countrymen except  Hazarawalls, is reaching on Karachi visit  on 9 May, along with the other leaders of HPM. It is first time that Baba Hadier Zaman will visit Karachi, after launching the massive movement for Hazara province.   
Hazara Qaumi Movement (HPM) leaders, on Sunday, while addressing a meeting at progressive Centre announced that Quaid-e-Tehrik HPM, Baba Haider Zaman , along with centeral leader Gohar Ayub, and Sardar Muhammad Yousuf, will reach Karachi on 9th May, when HPM is observing 9 May, as Protest day against the celebration and jubilation of a party ( ANP) on the ethnic naming of defunct NWFP, as they ( ANP) are celebrating on Sunday 2nd May, at sea view. The meeting was chaired by Haji Khorsheed Hazarvi, while organizing committees were also formed in all five district of Karachi.

HPM leader Sardar Muhammad Iqbal, said that on the protest day on 9 May, a huge and massive protest gathering will be held at Kala Pull, from which Quaid -e- Tehrik HPM Baba Haider Zaman and other central leaders will address the protest meeting.
“They are trying to convey those Hazarawals residing in Karachi that they (ANP) have succeeded by declaring an ethnic name of the province and now they are celebrating over the blood of our martyrs, who lost their lives in Abbottabad. But we can not give the permission to anyone to make fun the blood of our martyrs. Nobody would assume our peaceful protests as our weakness.” Sardar Iqbal said while condemning the 2nd May celebration organized by the Awami National Party (ANP).

Sultan Bahadur, Banaris Khan, Khan Muhammad Tanoli, Rafiq Abbasi, Shabbir Kazmi, Syed Anwar Shah, Javed Hazarvi, Nasraf Shaikh, Ejaz Kaghani, Tahir Jadoon, Asghir Ali, Sardar Sajjad and others were also present on the occasion.


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