Kohistan Jirga linked Bhasha Dam with formation of Hazara Province

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

ABBOTTABAD – Kohistan Jirga strongly opposed the construction of Bhasha-Diamir Dam till the formation of Hazara province, on Monday.

According to the details, the Jirga which formed in Kohistan, a Pakhtun majority district, that includes the local chieftains, political leaders, traders, public representatives as well as other respectable personalities of Kohistan and that is openly supported by President PPP Kohistan Zarbuland Khan, has decided in a meeting to strongly oppose the construction of Diamir Bhasha Dam till Hazara province is formed.

All the factions and cross sections of the society that are part of the jirga have joined hands in support of Hazara cause, yet another development in the last couple of weeks that has increased manifolds the support for Hazara cause. It bears mentioning here that besides Haripur, Abbottabad and Mansehra, Tehreek-e-Hazara has received unprecedented support and encouragement in Batgram and Kohsitan that previously was regarded as ‘no go areas’ for Tehreek.

“This is unprecedented development. The myth of ‘no go areas’ exists no more. Those who say ridiculous things like we don’t have the support of our Pakhtun brothers have been proved wrong a number of times and Monday’s event has simply made it clear where do we stand,” said Qazi Azhar, Chairman Hazara Qaumi Mahaz (HQM), a regional party that has been struggling for the formation of Hazara province since 1987, while talking to this correspondent.

“And also those who say that Tehreek-e-Hazara is a ‘newly born ideology’ must update themselves with the fact that we have been struggling for the formation of a separate province for the last 23 years. All the factions, political parties, trade unions and other cross sections of socio-economic diaspora of Hazara stand in synch of ideology and mission for this noble cause,” he added.

Two seemingly endless processions were organised by the Tehreek-e-Hazara and its Mansehra chapter in Abbottabad and Mansehra the same day. The Tehreek leaders strongly supported the decisions taken by Kohistan Jirga and vowed to continue the struggle till the fulfilment of their one point agenda, formation of Hazara province. 


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