Central Body of Hazara Province Movement announced


ABBOTTABAD- Hazara Province Movement (HPM) has announced the names of their party’s central body members on Thursday.

As per details, the Baba Haider Zaman has nominated as chief of HPM while Mushtaq Ahmed Ghani nominated as Central Coordinator, Gulzar Abbasi as Deputy Coordinator, Dr Azhar Jadoon, Qazi Azhar Advocate and Abrar Saeed have nominated as Media Coordinator.

While Razzaq Abbasi has selected as a coordinator for District Abbottabad, Yousuf Ayub and Umer Ayub for District Haripur, Sardar Muhammad Yousuf for Mansehra District and Alam Zaib Khan, Fazal-e-Haq and Zar Buland Khan have selected for Kohistan and Batagram Districts.

HMP also formed a youth committee in which Naseer Khan Jadoon assigned for coordinator, while Ejaz Qureshi and Haroon Khan have selected as Deputy Coordinators. The members of Finance Committee comprised on Jan Muhammad Qureshi, Javed Khan Jadoon and Qazi Inham, while Umer Ayub Khan selected for Chairman of Economic Council also.

Ms Sajida Masood has assigned Coordinator and Shakira Anwar selected as Advisor for Woman Wing, while Dr Paal Noor and Gull Waqar selected as coordinators for Minority Wing.


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