Owner of the website looted in day light

KARACHI- Despite the ban on pillion riding in the city, the owner of www.hazarasooba.tk and www.zakiralihp.tk with his wife looted by pillion riders in day light at main Landhi road near Korangi Crossing area on Monday.

As per details, the staffer Zakir Ali Awan went to Korangi for conducting his wife’s interview in Jublee Campus of Beacon House School System, after getting the interview they were standing on the stop in front of Shell Petrol pump for waiting the coach at 12:30 noon, where two unidentified armed men came on motorcycle and snatched valuables including jewelry, mobile phone, cash and other valuables worth of more than 90 thousand from them.

The victim Zakir Ali Awan Said that the culprits look like Sindhi, while both were wearing Shalwar Kameez and used a China company’s motorcycle “Super” without displaying any number plat.

It is pertinent to mention that Zakir Ali got married just one year back and earlier some culprits deprived him from valuables on Netty Jetty Bridge last year too when he was come back to home from his office late night. He also deprived from his house and other valuables in October 2005 earthquake in Balakot area, where his family were reside before the earthquake.

Zakir Ali demanded to high-ups and law enforcers to arrest the culpirts who deprived them from veluables and recovered their veluables.


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