Tehreek-e-Hazara condemns MQM statement over Karachi incident

KARACHI: Tehreek-e-Hazara province (THP) leader Baba Haider Zaman said that THP has no link with the recent target killing incident in Karachi as the people belonged to Hazara are peacefull and our movement are also a peaceful movement.

Similarly, Karachi-based THP officials strongly condemned MQM’s statement on target killings in Karachi. In reply to Waseem Aftab’s statement on a private TV, channel THP officials clarified that in this clash was between two groups.

They appreciated the cooperation of MQM for Hazara Province movement adding that but MQM should first investigate that whose have been killed in this clash.

The THP leaders while condemning the recent target killings said that they believe on peace. All Pakistani’s are our brothers whether they belong to ANP, MQM, PPP, PML, etc and we don’t believe in extremism acts, they added.

The THP leader requested the both MQM and ANP leaders that they not to put any false blames on Hazarawals. “We are 2 million in Karachi and we know how to protect our community and we don’t need any help from any political party”, said Aftab Nazir.

He said that they have trust on courts and judiciary and requested the respective authorities to investigate this issue and bring culprits in front of the nation.

While commenting on the recent target killing in Karachi he said that the clash was started from Shama Shopping center in Shah Faisal Colony Number 2 and going towards Orangi Town. Everyone can understand that which two parties are involved in these target killings, he said.

He appealed the government to play his due role instead of watching the game as spectator, he added.

Arshad Hussain, a leader of Hazara Qaumi Jirga (HQJ) Karachi chapter denied the MQM stance over the recent target killing incident and said that there is no clash among Pakhtuns and Hazarawalls in Karachi.


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