Hazarawal observes Chehlum of Abbottabad martyrs at Karachi


KARACHI: Karachi-based Hazarawalls observed Chehlam of Martyrs of Abbottabad incident here in different part of the city on Thursday.

Thereek-e-Hazara Province (THP), Karachi Chapter organised a meeting at Progressive Center in this regard and offered Fateha for the martyrs, while Hazara Qaumi Jirga (HQJ) hold protest demonstration and conducted press conference at Karachi Press Club.

Addressing to the press conference, Chairman Hazara Quami Jirga (HQj) Syed Waqar Hussain Shah charged that ANP has changed the name of the province on linguistic basis and now launched conspiracy for ethnic riots in Karachi city.

Shah said that since the movement of Hazara province ANP started violent activities in various parts of the city. Hazarawal are being threatened to dire consequence if they would not leave the struggle for their province, But he clear cut mentioned that we would not accept any pressure regarding launching the movement for Hazara province, he added.

Shah demanded of the chief justice of Pakistan to take notice of Abbottabad tragedy when innocence Hazarawal were gunned down only to protest for their rights. The people of Abbottabad sacrificed their lives in the movement of Hazara province but so far no action has been taken against those involved, Shah added.

Chairperson of Hazara Front Dr Laila Perveen, Akhtar Nawaz Tanooli and Dilshad Khan Tanooli were also present on the occasion.


2 Responses

  1. Inshallah Hazara became (Suba)very soon

  2. Inshallah Hazara Bania Ga Subah Hazara Baba Haider Zaiman Tari Jurat ko Salam Qadam Bario

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