Hazara Movement’s next step to be civil disobedience, says Zaman

RAWALPINDI: Tehreek-e-Sooba Hazara (TSH) can call for civil disobedience to press the demand for a separate province, TSH leader Baba Haider Zaman said on Monday.

Addressing a function at Rawalpindi Press Club, Zaman said the rulers killed innocent people to sabotage the movement. He said the movement was started two months ago but the government had yet to give any positive response. “Now our next step will be civil disobedience. No resident of Hazara will pay tax, electricity or gas bill, as they know better that their money was being wasted by the rulers” he added.

Baba claimed that Interior Minister Rehman Malik phoned him and told him that the issue would be resolved soon but he (Zaman) told him to convince President Asif Zardari for the new province before holding further talks.

Baba Haider Zaman also announced to hold a huge public gathering in Rawalpindi which would be held at Liaquat Bagh on June10, 2010 to convince the people of the twin cities to participate in the movement for a separate province.

He said the Liaquat Bagh gathering would be the last ‘peaceful’ struggle for the creation of Hazar province. After that, he warned, they would resort to civil disobedience across Hazara division in case the government failed to meet their demand.

“We will never move back from our demand and will continue our movement till the formation of Hazara province. After June 11, we have the right to resort to civil disobedience,” Baba said.

Speaking on the occasion, former foreign minister Gohar Ayub said Hazara was full of natural recourses, which could put Pakistan on the way to prosperity and development. Haraza Division could not only produce 16,000 Megawatts of electricity but also provide it to the countrymen on cheaper rates by completing the Ghazi Barotha Dam and Khanpur Dam, he added.

Former Nazim Haripur Yousuf Ayub Khan, TSH leader Wali Muhamamd Jadoon, PML-Q MNA Sardar Shahjahan Yousuf, Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Hazara Ameer Abdul Razzaq Abbasi, Former Federal Minister Syed Qasim Shah and JI city office bearers were also spoke on the occasion. While hundreds of people of Hazara attended the convention, they were carrying banners and chanting slogans in favour of Hazara province.


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