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  1. This is Umair Ali Sarwar from Abbottabad, Dear Zakir Ali Awan sahib Hazara will be soon the province of Pakistan , Jiye Hazara please contact with me on alius6676@gmail.com we will struggle jointly for the Hazara province me the owner of the only Hazara Province Movemnet website http://www.Myhazara.tk ,

  2. MashaAllah, nice work brother. Keep it up in this fashion.

  3. Dear Zakir aoa

    great job man, iam from Village Sarash Tehseel Balakot but at the moment iam in Moscow Russia with my family ,Inshallah we will get SOOBA HAZARA .IF ANY help regarding sooba hazara iam with you by the way ganhool not far from our vill.sarash.keep in touch

    With love from moscow
    Jeeay Sooba Hazara.
    Sooba Hazara kay Nam par Jan bhi Qurban.
    Shohda-e-Hazara ko Allah Apnay Jawar-e-Rehmat ma jaga ata farmay.

  4. Great site 🙂
    Keep the good work up.
    May Allah bless our beloved country Pakistan.

  5. Mashallah, very well dear brother Zakir Awan. keep doing this. very soon inshallah province hazara will be on the map of Pakistan. we all hazara walz are with you.
    Hindko Awan
    Quetta, Pakistan.

  6. Salaam,
    very nice work, i really appreciate. i m also hazarawal now a days doing job in Bagh azaad kashmir.
    inshallah Hazara province will soon b on pakistan’s map.

    farhad malik

  7. Its nice info ..It’s great see site like this and Hazara.com.pk the first on line portal of Hazara to promote hazara across the world.

    • Walaikum Salam,
      Thanks for appriciating my little work for our Hazara. keep browsing for latest and exclusive news about Hazara Province Movement.


      Zakir Ali Awan

  8. ZakirAli-sahib, please don’t publish this; it is a personal note to you, not a public comment. I am a US journalist (with Bloomberg); like you I have a WordPress blog, which you can see at the address below. We are trying to understand some issues of the situation in Hazara. I would be interested in talking with you. Is there a phone number I could call you on? (I am now in New Delhi but I also can ask my Islamabad colleagues to get in touch with you…)
    Sincerely, James Rupert

    James Rupert
    South Asia political reporter
    Bloomberg News
    +92-(0)-300-852-2997 Islamabad mobile
    +91-99-5838-0856 New Delhi mobile
    +93-(0)-79-589-5434 Kabul mobile
    +88216-5201-1816 satellite phone

  9. bazatuno ka iek ilaj wahi jo y loog khud hi janteen heen k pakhtoono ka gazab kisa hota hy

  10. serp pakhtoonkhwa

  11. serp pakhtoonkhwa janan pakhtoonkhwa del ka karar pakhtoonkhwa serp pakhtoonkhwa ..not……….waal . maal

  12. no.no no no…khash phash waal maal

  13. alamaiqbal rat ko khwab dektata un ki najaiz peedawar ab den ko khwabeen dekny lageen heen……………jeey ,pakhtoonkhwa

  14. What is this stupid thing KPK Province and Hazara Province.There should be referendum on Province name.It is not for sake of some specific area people(Yeh Sawal hay PAKISTAN ka)
    Please understand plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. Dear Zakir Ali its good to see the map of Hazra you have uploaded but it is very unfortunate that you have excluded Kashmir from the map of Pakistan. Please have heart. I am also from Hazara but first be Pakistani than think about more provinces. Please do not malign the sacrifices of Hazarewals for creation of Pakistan by showing such ignorat justures

  16. pakhtoo pakhtoon pakhtoonkhwa zendabad


  17. Afghanistan ,,,,zendabad

  18. napakistan ,,,murdabad

  19. hamesharahy ,,,,,,Afghanistan


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